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Sample Web Page

Sample picture showing placementThe first element of your page should be a few sentences describing the content and/or resources listed on the page.  This paragraph should be in a normal font and size.  It should not be bolded unless you are needing to highlight a specific word or date that might be important.  All text should be left-aligned.  It should also include any contact information parents, students, staff, or community members might need for more information on the topic.   This can be displayed by saying if you need more information on this topic, please contact John Smith in the Fake Name Department via email at [email protected] or by phone at 555-555-5555.   The email address should be a link so users can click and quickly email the person.

When using lists on a page, whether they be links to outside pages, or PDF files that users can download, it should follow the below format.

When using pictures on a page, it is best to right align the picture next to the text. Pictures should be resized to on average 500px wide to accommodate space on the page. Do not upload pictures wider that 1400px. Windows' MSPaint can be used to resize an image.
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Link to First [PDF]
Link to Second [PDF]
Link to Third [PDF]

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Please view the guidelines page for additional information on Do's and Dont's of the website.

Rev. 8/4/2014