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Reunification IconReuniting With Your Child After An Emergency

There are a number of different circumstances or emergency situations that could cause the district to evacuate students or release them earlier or later than normal: severe weather and flooding, power or water outage, hazardous materials, or a crisis near or at the school.  In situations like these, it may be necessary for families to come pick up their students in a formalized, controlled release, with the local fire department, law enforcement agencies and district all working together. This is called reunification.

We are dedicated to keeping our students safe and secure. Please understand that there may be times during an emergency when we will need to shelter our students in safe places within their school or move them to an alternative location if the school must be evacuated. It is our goal to reunify our students with their parents as soon as it is safe to do so.  Emergency first responders will help us make a decision when it is safe to reunify students and parents.

To provide for a safe and secure controlled release of students to their parents or other emergency contacts, we will set up a parent and student reunification process. Depending on the situation, this process may be at your child’s school or at a safe alternative location. Do not go to the school or alternative location until notified.

Reunification can be a time consuming process. Please be patient with us as we assure the safety of all students and staff during a controlled release process. Please keep the school informed of any changes to your child’s emergency contact information.
  • Parents will be notified when and if a parent and student reunification process is necessary, through auto dialer, text messaging, social media, and our School District website.  
  • Please keep the school informed of any changes in your personal or work contact information.
  • Students will be released ONLY to a parent or emergency contacted listed in our Student Information System.
  • Parents or authorized emergency contacts will need a government issued photo ID to present at the parent request gate.

For more information about how your school prepares for emergency response, please visit our DysartSafe website, or contact the school principal.

Emergency Response Overview

What happens during an emergency?
School administrators, along with support from district office and city/county agencies, will evaluate the incident and initiate the appropriate response to either evacuate outside or away from buildings, or secure the campus in lockdown, modified lockdown, or shelter in place. School personnel works closely with public safety officials during emergencies.

Students may be kept on campus.
In the event of a hazard or other immediate danger to health and safety outside of the school, public safety officials may direct the school to keep students on campus, even after school hours, until the all-clear signal is given.  Students cannot be released until this time.
  • If such an emergency occurs, the school will begin a controlled release dismissal, in which students will be released only to an adult who has been identified as a parent, guardian or emergency contact.  Please be patient, this process can take time, sometimes hours.
  • The school district is prepared to provide food, water and the medications listed on your child’s Medication Administration Release form to your child if we are directed to hold students on campus.

Students may be relocated off campus.
An emergency situation may require students to be relocated to a location different from their home school. Two district high schools, Valley Vista and Willow Canyon, will serve as relocation sites for all schools. Updated information sent by telephone auto dialer, email and text messaging will apprise parents of the reunification site details.

What to do if your child is kept on campus during an emergency.
  • To keep phone lines free for emergency use, PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. We understand and respect your concern for your child, yet it is essential that the telephone system be available for emergency communications.  Additionally, if our school is in lockdown, staff members will NOT be available to answer the phone as they will be working hard to protect your children and themselves from the threat.   Information will be provided on the website, by telephone auto dialers, email and text message through the Parent Alert system, and through the news media. This will include information on when and where to pick up your child. If you have not subscribed to the district’s Parent Alert system, please visit the website to subscribe.
  • Do not come to the school unless instructed to do so.  We realize how difficult it will be for you to keep your distance from the school, but it will be crucial to keep the surrounding streets and parking lots clear for emergency vehicles.
  • If you speak with or text your child on a cell phone, please remind them of the importance of following the directions of staff members and public safety officials.