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Accessibility - Alternative Text

One step to developing a rich interactive experience and to provide equal access to information for all users is to add alternative text for non-text content. Alternative text otherwise known as Alt Text offers textual alternative to images, media, and other non-text web content.

All images on your pages must have a description in the alternative text field.  Adding alternative text for images is the first principle of web accessibility. Pages will not be approved that have images missing the alternative text field.

To add alternative text to images, right click on the image and select Image Properties.

Image Properties

The Image Properties window will popup, allowing you to enter in alternative text. When selecting proper alternative text remember that, context is everything. Have an accurate description of the image and do not use phrases such as “image of ...” or “picture of ...” as this is deemed unnecessary. Alternative text should not be more than a few words in length, although a sentence or two may be appropriate.

Alternative Text

For more information and examples, please see the link below.

Alternative Text Basics