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Accessibility - School Heroes

Dysart is committed to making its websites accessible to the widest possible audience, including individuals with disabilities. We will periodically be reviewing all school sites to ensure their Hero image content is accessible. Hero images are the large images on the top of your school site.

Heroes with excessive text
Hero images should not contain a large amount of text within the image. This text is inaccessible to users with disabilities. Please consider putting significant text contained in the image on a new page. Then create a new Hero linking to that page. If you need assistance with finding an appropriate image, please contact the Dysart Educational Media Coordinator.
Example image or hero errors

Copyrighted Images
The ABCXYZ image appears to be taken from Google Images. We do not have a license to use those images on our website. It will need to be replaced with another image. If you need an image and do not have any that Dysart maintains a license for, please contact the Dysart Educational Media Coordinator.

Missing Title (1)
The Hero image is missing Title Text. Please add a title to the hero to help users understand the content.

Lack of links/navigable content (2)
Website Heroes should link to other pages or announcements. Heroes with links direct users to your other pages, where they can get more information about what is happening at your school.

Missing Short Titles (Thumbnail Captions) (3)
The Hero image is missing short-title (thumbnail caption) text. Please add a short title text to the hero to help users in navigating the thumbnails of the heroes.

Poorly cropped images (4)
The Hero image appears to be poorly cropped. Please look at re-doing the crop or finding a different image. This will increase the quality of your site.

Default Heroes
Your school website has default Heroes showing. The default Heroes are placeholders to ensure the website code doesn’t break. They should not show on your site for long. Please look to add content to your Heroes directing users to what is happening around your school.