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Parking Lot Safety for High School Students

Student parking lots can be incredibly busy in the morning and after dismissal. Safety is a primary concern of the school staff, but it requires everyone's participation in order to ensure a safe and orderly process. Most important, students should be patient, respectful and courteous to other drivers while driving onto campus.

The student lot is reserved for students who have legally registered automobiles, automobile insurance, drivers’ license, and who obtain a parking permit through the established process.  Parking permits can be obtained from the school's bookstore.

These safety tips can help with a safe arrival and dismissal:
  • Parking is not permitted in the fire lanes, disabled person’s parking stalls (unless student has a valid disabled person’s parking permit), or in open and unmarked areas, including fence lines.
  • Speed on school campus is to be kept at or below 10 mph and drivers must operate their vehicles with due care and caution at all times.
  • Drivers must come to a complete stop at all stop signs on campus.
  • All drivers will follow the direction of school staff, campus security, and/or police directing traffic.
  • While walking to and from your car, students should always check both ways prior to crossing any lane of traffic, whether you’re in a crosswalk or not.
  • Check adjacent parking spots when pulling into a spot.
  • Reverse slowly and check surroundings when backing up your vehicle. Watch for other students walking, bicycling or any distracted pedestrians.

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