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Summer Course Prep

19-20 SY Coming soon!


English Department
Honors and AP English assignments are on the SRHS Website, teacher pages.  Find Stacey Roberts, click on ‘website’ and then select ‘Summer Reading Projects.” Assignment due date TBA.

AP Psych

It’s never to early to prepare for AP Tests! Get a copy of the AP Psych Review Book.
This course is also available as Dual-Enrollment through Rio Salado. Start earning college credit!


AP Government
Get ahead of the AP Game! Start studying for the AP Gov exam with Barron’s AP Government Review Book. You will also need a copy of the US Constitution.

Math Department
Taking Algebra 3-4? Use the Algebra 1 Review Flipbook to prepare for Algebra 3-4.  Download the Flipbook HERE


Read a Book! It will help with
comprehension and grammar.

Spanish 5-6 Honors
1. Marianela
2. La cruz del diablo
3. El misterio de la llave
4. La ciudad de los dioses
5. La gran Aventura de Alejandro


AP Spanish

1. La casa de Bernarda Alves
2. La dama del alba
3. Las lagrimas del sol
4. Bodas de sangre
5. Viviana y su gran Aventura mexicana