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Integrated STEM Concept School

Student working on roboticsCanyon Ridge School is dedicated to the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) throughout daily instruction and interaction. Canyon Ridge thrives because the school is a learning community of lifelong learners committed to preparing capable citizens with a strong academic foundation, a positive self-concept and an understanding of the individual’s responsibilities within the larger society.  Curriculum and instruction are organized around real-world problems - extending the educational experience extends beyond the school day and the school walls.  Students gather and apply knowledge from multiple disciplines with particular emphasis on science, math and health supported by transforming uses of technology. Collaboration, team building and partnerships define interactions among all members of the learning community. Problem-based learning, flexibility in grouping and in use of time, research and assessment to drive instructional decisions, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning are hallmarks of experiences at Canyon Ridge School.

For more information on the Integrated STEM Concept School, please contact the school at 623-523-8450.

Application Process:  Please visit or click on the link below to view frequently asked questions about the open enrollment process. During the Open Enrollment period, please follow the login instructions using your parent portal account. Parents and guardians will then select "other choices", to open enroll in a new school or academy.
Integrated STEM Concept at Canyon Ridge School
Integrated STEM Concept at Canyon Ridge School Travel to Canyon Ridge School and learn more about STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and ...