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K-8 Academics

In the Dysart Unified School District, students in Kindergarten through 8th grade have four core subjects: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  Each student has classes each day in those subject areas. Additionally students have special area classes that supplement the day. Special Area classes include Fine Arts, Physical Education, and the iExplore Lab.  Special area class rotations and options vary, so check with your school to find out what is available.  To view the standards for each grade level, please visit the Arizona Department of Education website.


Students working in group on math

In Kindergarten through 8th grade the district has adopted Math in Focus.  This Math curriculum empowers students to develop critical-thinking skills, positive attitudes, and the confidence to persevere—setting the stage for achievement.


A student writes in a notebookLanguage Arts

In Kindergarten through 6th grade the district has adopted Journeys ~ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  Journeys aligns with the Arizona State Standards, and includes the key elements of reading instruction—from learning the alphabetic principle and decoding, through comprehension of complex texts—and of writing instruction.

In 7th - 8th grade the district has adopted myPerspectives by Pearson as our English Language Arts curriculum.  This program is a student centered learning environment where they will analyze texts, cite evidence, and respond critically about their learning.


Students work on a science experiementScience
In Kinder - 8th grade the Dysart Unified School District has adopted Discovery Education.  Discovery Science Techbook is a digital science textbook that changes the way students and teachers experience real-world science phenomena and igniting interest in the exploration of science concepts.  Built on the 5E model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), this digital textbook is a one-stop shop, providing a mixture of resources that teachers need to bring science to life.


A student stands dressed in colonial attire.Social Studies

In Kindergarten through 6th grade the Dysart Unified School District has adopted Harcourt Brace Social Studies. In grades 7-8, Dysart has adopted Holt Reinhart and Winston.  Within these students explore the past and present, inviting learners to tackle challenging questions about American citizenship, civics, Arizona studies, economics, geography, and history.  


A student types on the computer at the Innovation AcademySignature Programs
The Dysart Unified School District offers a variety of Kindergarten through 8th Grade Signature Programs to meet individual student needs and aspirations.  The following is a list of programs available.

Canyon Ridge - Integrated STEM Concept School
Marley Park - The Cambridge Academy
West Point - The Arts Academy
Western Peaks - Innovation Academy