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The mission of the Dysart Unified School District professional development department is to support and enhance the individual development of all Dysart stakeholders to ensure that every student graduates college and career ready. The Dysart Unified School District is committed to providing a variety of personalized professional learning opportunities to ensure dedicated time for teachers and staff to grow as professionals.  Each week educators are given an afternoon for professional learning, during which they participate in professional learning communities, or PLCs, as well as school specific sessions.  In addition to these weekly opportunities, Dysart provides one full day each year dedicated solely to professional learning opportunities. In Dysart, we are proud of our amazing community of leaders and learners. 

Personalized Professional Learning Continuum
The Professional Learning Continuum below shows the progression of learning from mandatory training (red) to the most personalized experiences (blue).  The Dysart Unified School District strives to create learning opportunities that provides staff with the most choice possible, allowing them to explore their passion while also ensuring a common understanding and completion of required trainings. 
Professional Learning Continuum


Dysart Essentials LogoDysart Essentials
The mission of Dysart Essentials is to ensure all employees have the essential training needed to serve the community in a manner that is consistent with applicable laws and regulations. Each quarter, employees will participate in an online course containing information as they relate to the employee classification.  Courses will contain content and short quizzes that ensure employees master the most important concepts in each content area.



Menu Mondays
Dysart added an additional professional development opportunity once a month, called Menu Mondays, which allows for increased professional learning options which can be personalized for each school and individuals needs. Menu Mondays provide dozens of sessions each month that are created by and facilitated by teachers based on their needs and passions.  Their peers can choose any session across the district based on their own professional learning goals.  

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Dysart Learning Summit LogoDysart Learning Summit
Dysart Unified School District is proud to provide one full day each year dedicated solely to professional learning opportunities for all stakeholders. This day to cultivate wonder was founded on the idea that every answer we might need to solve a problem could be found within our peers and co-workers already in Dysart. With over 100 breakout sessions facilitated by Dysart employees for other Dysart employees, #WeAreDysart where #DysartLearns!

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iLearn LogoiLearn 
iLearn is a professional development software developed to provide a comprehensive catalog for all employees from which they can choose personalized professional learning opportunities. iLearn allows staff to enroll in classes in order to enhance a skill they already possess or to learn about a new strategy, process or procedure. Participants register online for face-to-face, blended or virtual sessions and receive email notifications for the course selected. 

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iLearn Catalogs
iLearn hosts catalogs which organize courses based on specific criteria.  Explore the catalogs below.

Professional Growth | Saturday Classes


Peer Mentor LogoPeer Mentoring
Peer Mentors role includes accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers, a critical link to student success.  Carefully selected and well trained mentors will support the ongoing growth of instructional practices throughout their campus.  These full-time teachers will receive a stipend, training, and release time to support collaboration and observation of first through third year teachers with the goal of retaining teachers and improving student achievement. 

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Dysart U LogoDysart U
Dysart U focuses on “U” - you as a learner, you as a teacher and you as a leader. This opportunity provides rigorous coursework which allows participants to move towards and beyond the Master’s level on the salary schedule by demonstrating specific competencies using micro-credentials. Micro-credentials are competency based, meaning that learning is personalized for each learner, allowing them to move at their own pace while selecting topics of most interest to them.

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Your CaLL LogoYourCaLL
The mission of YourCaLL in the Dysart School District is to create a 21st Century community of learners and a sustainable model for developing leaders throughout the Dysart Unified School District.  Staff members who meet eligibility requirements can apply to become CaLL Candidates. Once approved, they can design and propose projects that support their individual professional growth goals in alignment with the district strategic plan.

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