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Survey Results Show Community Pleased with Dysart District
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Survey Results Show Community Pleased with Dysart District
DYSART SCHOOLS - Dysart Unified School District recently invited students, parents and staff members to take a survey about their most recent experiences with Dysart. The district conducted the surveys to get input from its stakeholders in order to identify areas of celebration, as well as opportunities for growth.

“We genuinely care about the viewpoints of all our stakeholders. The survey results will be a purposeful document that will drive future decisions for Dysart,” said Superintendent Dr. Quinn Kellis. “While the survey results were encouraging and showed high overall satisfaction, the community is going to be seeing even greater things from Dysart as a result of their input. The goal of the Dysart Unified School District is to provide each and every student, parent and staff member with an extraordinary experience.”

Overall survey results showed that parents, students and staff are satisfied with Dysart. A strong confidence in district leadership, including the Superintendent, was also indicated. Additionally, stakeholders felt that district and school communications about important safety information and extracurricular activities are strong. Dysart also rated well for providing high quality Special Education services to students.

Students, staff and parents feel that Dysart schools offer a safe environment, and the vast majority of students have not experienced conflicts at school. Parents feel confident that Dysart responds quickly and appropriately to safety concerns, rumors and threats.

The surveys showed high scores for having clean, well-maintained facilities and campuses. In addition, many forms of technology are readily available and useful to students and staff. These points indicate that Dysart strives to be a good steward of its taxpayer assets.

As with all surveys, results also revealed growth opportunities. Parents feel that schools offer a wide-variety of options for students to participate in activities that interest them, including advanced programs such as honors, advanced placement, gifted and dual enrollment. However, survey results indicate that there is a desire for Dysart to raise expectations and provide more challenging opportunities for students.

There were also indicators that Dysart needs to raise awareness among students about post-high school opportunities and supports. Whether it be college or career, students need to be aware of and prepared for all of their options after graduation. Parents and students called for increased student access to high school counselors. Counselors can help ensure students are on track for their post-high school goals, and are aware of opportunities and resources that are available to them.

Lastly, the survey showed a need to expand training for staff by bolstering Professional Development (PD) opportunities and Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to ensure they are providing the most valuable and useful information.

Overall, 7,179 students, 1,785 parents and 1,202 staff members participated in the surveys. The district plans to periodically re-survey each stakeholder group to evaluate and measure satisfaction levels, improvements, and areas of opportunity. School leaders will use the annual survey results to strengthen the Dysart experience. Complete survey results are available to view at the Dysart Education Center, 15802 N. Parkview Place, Surprise, AZ 85374.