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Dysart High Boys Cross Country (V)

Full Schedule

Multi Meet
+ St. John Paul II
1st Place
Multi Meet
+ Greenway/St. John Paul II
1st Place
Valley Christian Invitational
9/29 @ Valley Christian
2nd Place
Multi Meet
10/10 @ Sandra Day O'Connor
Host: To Be Determined
9:45 AM
10/14 @ Valley Lutheran
Host: Rose Mofford Complex
3:30 PM
District Tournament
10/21 @ Shadow Ridge
3rd Place
@ To Be Determined
Playoff Game
Host: Rose Mofford Complex
7:00 AM
@ To Be Determined
Playoff Game
Host: Cave Creek Golf Course
12:45 PM

Sports schedules are subject to change based on weather, venue availability, and a variety of other factors. Please check this schedule often and before each sporting event to ensure you have the most up-to-date times and locations.

Team Info

Ivory Carson [email protected]


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