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Partnership with ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Learn in the West Valley: ASU will come to you
Dysart Unified School District and ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College have partnered to provide students with the ability to complete their clinical experience right here. Thanks to this partnership, students can finish their bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Elementary Education — without ever having to set foot on an ASU campus. All classes and teaching experience take place in Dysart.

Students transferring from another college with their AA degree or those ready to begin their clinical teaching experience can enroll in the program and immediately be immersed in the teaching culture and community. Mentor teachers (seasoned school district teachers) and MLFTC site coordinators (ASU faculty members) will work with students every step of the way to ensure each is given the tools and techniques needed to succeed. Our goal is to provide the support and guidance students need in real time.

For more information about this program, contact Justin Hultman at 480-727-3375.  

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree? Check out our master’s degrees and certificate programs.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College also partners in more ways, so Dysart can keep growing

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is a resource for your professional development, as an individual or with a group.

For educators

Looking for something that can help you keep up to date on your own time whenever you want? The ASU Professional Learning Library is an online destination for P–20 educators to connect, learn, collaborate and share. Individualized modules are available 24/7, or you can sign up for an in-person workshop near you. There are thousands of resources to choose from — nearly all of them free of charge. Access

For teams
If you’re an administrator or team leader, take advantage of these opportunities for group development, team building and community engagement.
  • Design labs — These collaborative endeavors are intended to produce improvements on a wide range of issues. Each design lab is a progression through an open-ended design process that values local context, diverse perspectives and iterative testing of solutions. Labs can be used to develop and test approaches to all kinds of challenges — from making cafeterias more welcoming and improving a middle school space to redesigning an entire high school. They provide outstanding professional learning opportunities for educators and build capacity for creativity and innovation.
  • Project ELEVATE — Project ELEVATE is a cohort-based executive leadership program developed through partnership of the Center for the Art and Science of Teaching at ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, the Arizona Department of Education and WestEd. The two-year program is designed to improve organizational and team dynamics in schools and districts. The objective is to strengthen leadership teams and to improve the collective impact of those teams on student achievement. For information, contact Sarah Galetti at
  • Aim2Teach — Aim2Teach is a partnership between Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and Dysart Unified School District that supports high school students who are exploring college pathways to an education career. Through this partnership students meet faculty, learn the college applicant process and get a feel for the college experience at MLFTC. For more information contact Karina Cuamea at or 602-543-2882. 

Visit, call 480-965-5555 or email for more information. And in the meantime, stay in touch with MLFTC.

Photo of 2011 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
 iTeachAZ Dysart Pilot Cohort:  Elementary Education Spring 2011


Photo of 2012 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
 iTeachAZ Dysart Cohort II:  Elementary Education Spring 2012


Photo of 2014 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
 iTeachAZ Dysart Cohort III:  Accelerated Dual Certification Spring 2014 


Photo of 2015 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
iTeachAZ Dysart Cohort: Winter 2015

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