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Major in making a difference. Become a teacher with Dysart!

With the Dysart Unified School District, through a special partnership with Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, you can earn your bachelors degree in special education with dual certification in elementary education.
Benefits of the ASU-iTeachAZ Dysart program include:
  • Positively impact students through your internships and student teaching
  • Graduate with twice the clinical experience as most teacher preparation programs
  • Learn from ASU faculty who are experts in the field and nationally-recognized for their methods, innovative ideas and research
  • All classes and clinical experiences take place in Dysart Unified School District
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities are available, and more than 70% of ASU undergraduate students receive financial assistance - learn more here

ASU brings the classroom to your community
Arizona State University's innovative iTeachAZ Dysart program offers ALL courses and ALL internships within the Dysart Schools. Our full-time faculty members come to you and you receive supportive mentorship with your hands-on classroom experiences.

Arizona State University has a partnership with community colleges too, so if you are close to earning your AA degree, you can pursue your Bachelors degree as soon as next semester. 
Enrollment is taking place now. Learn more about the program by:
Pursuing a graduate-level degree instead? Click to Learn More!

News Updates:   

Photo of 2011 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
 iTeachAZ Dysart Pilot Cohort:  Elementary Education Spring 2011


Photo of 2012 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
 iTeachAZ Dysart Cohort II:  Elementary Education Spring 2012


Photo of 2014 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
 iTeachAZ Dysart Cohort III:  Accelerated Dual Certification Spring 2014 


Photo of 2015 Elementary Teacher Graduating Class
iTeachAZ Dysart Cohort: Winter 2015

El Mirage/ASU Partnership
El Mirage/ASU Partnership El Mirage Elementary School is partnering with Arizona State University to implement an innovative ...