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Career and Technical Education
The mission of Career and Technical Education is for CTE students to achieve academic excellence through authentic, hands-on, career focused learning.

James Grieshaber
Administrator of Career and Technical Education
[email protected]
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Community Education
Community Education provides a number of helpful and supportive services for students and community members, including before and after school childcare, preschool, enrichment classes, volunteer opportunities, and facility rentals of district buildings.  

John Williams
Director of Community Education
[email protected]
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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment services are improving student achievement by providing a quality comprehensive curriculum, supporting best instructional practices and utilizing assessment to drive academic decisions. 

Dana Knoebel 
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director, Prek-8
[email protected]

Shelley Isai 
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director, High School
[email protected]
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Exceptional Student Services
Special & Gifted Education (Exceptional Student Services) provides an array of support services and resources to students, general educators, special educators, administrators and families throughout the Dysart Unified School District. We are committed to providing comprehensive services to help meet the needs of the whole child.

Corey Montano
Director of Exceptional Student Services
[email protected]
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Federal Projects
The Mission of the Federal Projects program is to support local school sites to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education.

Kathy Hill
Director of Federal Projects 
[email protected]

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Finance is responsible for designing, implementing and overseeing consistent procedures to accurately account for and reconcile all District funds. Our mission is to provide our students and staff with the tools that they need for effective learning, while ensuring compliance with all Federal and State guidelines and regulations.  We believe that great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Marydel Speidell
Director of Finance
[email protected]
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Food and Nutrition
The school food service program is an essential part of the total educational program. Based on the premise that well nourished students are better prepared to receive the instruction of the school day, Nutrition Services plays a vital role in each school's educational team.

Paul Stanley
[email protected]
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Human Relations
Human Relations is committed to contributing to student success by recruiting highly qualified and certified teachers, quality support staff and excellent administrators.  We ensure Dysart Unified School District complies with all Governing Board policies, federal and state laws, and IRS regulations while providing outstanding customer service to the employees we serve.

John Croteau
Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations
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Information Technology
Information Technology is building a quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure, establishing and maintaining an effective operational environment, and delivering quality, prompt, cost effective and reliable technology services.

Diana Hawari
Chief Information Officer
[email protected]
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The mission of iSchool is to provide innovative and engaging online learning experiences to expand students' educational opportunities and new century learner skills.

Cristy Diaz
iSchool Coordinator
[email protected]
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Maintenance & Facilities
Maintenance and Facilities provides services will contribute to the organizations instructional effectiveness by keeping the facilities clean, orderly, safe, and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Maintenance and Facilities will reduce operating costs by being proactive rather than reactive, extend the useful life of the buildings, increase energy efficiency and thereby helping the environment.

Bob Young
Director of Maintenance and Facilities
[email protected]
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Public Relations
Dysart Public Relations endeavor is dedicated to providing outstanding internal and external communication.  Public Relations is responsible for providing all media relations including district publications, press releases, community forums, school and local media communication. The Dysart Unified School District works diligently to highlight school and district endeavors through print and video media.

Renee Ryon
Director of Communications and Public Relations
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Records Management
Records Management department is responsible for providing internal and external customers with an accurate and reliable information/records management system that creates, maintains and archives school system according to local, state and federal guidelines.

Patricia Kennedy
District Records Manager
[email protected]
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Research and Achievement
Research and Achievement supports the mission, strategic goals, and learning philosophies of the Dysart Unified School District as set forth by the Governing Board. This is accomplished through the provision of empirical research, analytic services, statistical information, information system design, and professional capacity building in a timely, accurate and objective manner.

Jayne Wieferich
Director of Research & Achievement
[email protected]
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Student Information Systems
The mission of the Student Information System team is to provide expertise and exceptional support in all areas relating to student data including: enrollment, attendance, scheduling, grading, discipline, withdrawal and to ensure compliance with State and Federal reporting requirements.

Suzanne Smith
Application Analyst Coordinator
[email protected]
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Student Athletics
The mission of Dysart Athletics is to provide all students with an environment that is safe and encourages active participation in a variety of activities under different teacher/coach role models.  As members of the Dysart District Athletic Staff, the department strives to foster positive experiences and to guide our student athletes toward realizing their full potential. 

Jim Dean
Assistant Superintendent
j[email protected]
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Student Services
The mission of Student Services is to support students so they can reach their full academic potential.  This includes providing a safe and secure learning environment, student discipline, and truancy.  We work closely with school administration to support classroom, school, and home communication.   

Karen Winterstein
Director of Student Services 
[email protected]
school bus
The mission of Dysart Transportation is to provide safe, reliable and efficient bus transportation services for DUSD students which meet the reasonable needs of their parents, their schools and their communities.

Douglas Curry
Director of Transportation
[email protected]g