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Summer School

Student working on laptop at homeThe Dysart Unified School District conducts Summer School to assist those students who need credits to graduate on time, seek to manage their high school schedule, remediate grades, or wish to graduate as soon as possible.  Students from all four high schools are eligible to attend, as well as students from other districts and charter schools.

Summer School assists students who need credits to graduate on time, remediate grades or wish to accrue credits at a faster rate.

For incoming freshmen, Summer School can assist those students who desire to work ahead with classes allowing your high school schedule to open up for those desirable electives.  Incoming Freshmen can take any classes offered, including core subjects like English, Science, Math and Social Studies, as well as Foreign Languages, PE and other electives classes.

Summer School is offered online  through iSchool.  All classes are offered contingent upon sufficient enrollment.

Summer School teachers are highly qualified and experts in their subject matter, as well as talented educators working with high school students.  Our staff is selected from our talented Dysart Unified School District teachers.

Students are held to the same rigorous academic standards at Summer School as they are during the regular school year.  Courses meet all the standards to fulfill the graduation requirements.


Registration is now closed for summer school.  


Student Instructor Support
  • Students are able to get instructor support at various times on each of the high school campuses in the Collaborative Commons.  These times will be shared with students  when courses begin.

Paying for the Course
There is a $150 tuition fee per 0.5 credit for summer school.
  • If you are a Dysart Unified School District student, once you are registered the fee will post to the student account and you will be notified to pay before you begin the course.
  • If you are outside of the district, once you are registered you will be notified that you need to come to the District Office lobby to pay before you begin the course.

Additional Information
  • All finals are proctored face to face by iSchool Instructors upon completion of the course.

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