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Google Teacher Website Support

Extreme Makeover Website Edition. Google Sites Google Sites, part of the Google Apps for Education, is used for teacher websites.  Teachers have the option to create an individual site or create a collaborative site with their grade level or content area team.  Google Sites Learning Center
On this page, you will find the following:
Getting Started
Building the Site
Ready to Publish
Please Note [information you place on your site, good web design and some things to avoid]
School Logos

Getting Started
District guidelines for your teacher site [required and suggested content]
Sites Cheat Sheet
Change your site's layout, theme, colors or fonts
Additional Google Sites How-To Documentation
Going to make a group site?  When you share the site with your group members, you will want to make them owners  as this will allow them all access to the site.  


Ready to Publish

Check the following before you publish:
  • Share Settings are set to Public on the Web.
  • All required information is present on your site.
  • The school logo is on your site.
  • The navigation links work and go where they are supposed to.
  • The links and uploaded documents work [Google documents should be set to anyone with the link can view]

To publish your site go to: - Staff - Staff Website Link [Under Editors] -Click the Required Items and paste in your website address - Submit

**Please note that you will need to update this web address if you create a new site or join a group site.  If you just edit your old one you will not need to republish.  Teacher websites will be moved to new schools and locations over the summer.
Please Note

All subject matter on web pages must relate to curriculum, instruction, school activities, or general information that is relevant and appropriate.  The majority of content is required to be hosted in the district provided website; however, external links to additional resources are encouraged. Student work should be published when it relates to a class project, course, or other school-related activity. No personal information, such as home phone numbers or addresses, should be included for any student. Schools, teachers and staff members, however, must provide email and work telephone contact information on their web pages as a convenient means of communication for their web site visitors. The District reserves the right, without notice, to remove any link that references a web site deemed inappropriate or contrary to District policies.

Good Website Design is more about the information provided then the actual design. Focus on your information and content first and design second.
  • Be consistent and  make everything match.  Heading sizes, font choices, coloring, spacing, design elements, photo choices, etc. Everything should be themed to make your design coherent between pages and on the same page.
  • In creating your navigation, make sure pages go to where they are supposed to and the site is easy to get through. Ask some students and fellow colleagues to take a tour of your site and see how they do.
  • Keep your links current.
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Keep images small.
  • Make your attachments PDFs so all can read.
  • Make your inserted Google docs are shared to the appropriate audience (typically "anyone with the link can view.")
  • Cite your sources for images, video, etc.

Some Things to Avoid
  • Make sure the colors of your background and text are professional and reflect good design principles.
  • Try to avoid putting text on images.
  • Save the image first and then insert the image [If the image is from somewhere else the link and image can change.]
  • Consider the amount of information that is on a page.
  • Replace broken links.
  • Consider the amount of animation and time it takes to locate needed information.
School Logos
[Right Click and Save image to place in your site]

PK-8 Sites

Asante Logo


Ashton Ranch Logo


Canyon Ridge Logo


Cimarron Springs Logo


Countryside Logo

Dysart Middle School Logo

El Mirage Logo


Freedom Logo


Kingswood Logo

Luke Logo
Marley Park Logo

Mountain View Logo


Rancho Gabriela Logo

Riverview Logo
Sonoran Heights Logo

Sunset Hills Logo


Surprise Logo

Thompson Ranch Logo

West Point Logo


Western Peaks Logo


High School Sites

Dysart High Logo


Shadow Ridge Logo


Valley Vista Logo

Willow Canyon Logo
Sundown Mountain Logo