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Balanced Assessment System

student writing at deskThe purpose of assessment is to improve student achievement.
  • Enables teachers to make instructional decisions for students
  • Enables leaders to make program decisions for improvement

Assessment is based on instructional content/skills taught.
  • Measures progress of students for College and Career Ready standards
  • Measures high level (critical thinking skills) that have been taught and practiced
  • Measures significant content
  • Measures information that cannot be “Googled”
  • Leaders of learning are accountable for student learning.
  • Assessments will be developed in alignment with curricular expectations for Cambridge, the Arts Academy and other academies as needed. 

Assessment is a component of the Teaching and Learning Cycle.
  • Formative assessments are created at the teacher level (PLC).
  • Students should not be over-tested.
  • On-going professional development for creating formative assessments is needed.

Assessment measures learning in a variety of ways.
  • Performance based, short answer, written response, oral response  as well as multiple choice items are important