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Students playing flag football

Student Fee Schedule

High School

Student Admission/Senior/Military, Athletic Event 

$50.00 Yearly Pass/$4.00 per event*

Adult Admission, Athletic Event

$50.00 20-game pass/$5.00 per event

Student Club/Extra-Curricular Activity  

$0-10.00 per club

Device Protection Plan Fee  


High School Transcript Fee (charged on the 6th request) 


Dual Enrollment 

Cost of per credit tuition (Determined by Participating College District)

Athletic Extra-Curricular Activities 

$100 per activity/$200 per student cap/$400 family cap

Summer Athletic Conditioning 

$25.00 per year

Parking (Eligible Students) 

$30.00/semester $60.00 /year

PE Locker Rental 

$5.00 per semester

PE Uniform (Optional) 


Student ID Card Replacement 


Summer School/Camps 


Online Classes 

$0-200 per class

Athletic Class Fee

$25 per semester

Gun Safety Course Fee 


Student Travel Fee 

Not to exceed $600 per event

*Schools, with administrative approval, may reduce the per event fee as part of a school promotional activity.

Elementary and Middle Schools

Middle Level Sports 

$60 per activity/$180 per student cap/$400 per family cap

Summer School/Camps 


Online Classes 

$0-$200.00 per class

Extra-Curricular Activities 


Device Protection Plan Fee             


Student Travel Fee Not to exceed 

$300 per event