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Menu Advisory Board

The purpose of Food and Nutrition Services' Menu Advisory Board is to ensure that the Department is providing a variety of appealing and nutritious meals while supporting student performance in a safe and effective manner. Participation is open to all stakeholders and is comprised of parents, students, teachers, Administrators, and Nutrition Services staff, including the Director, District Executive Chef and Registered Dietitian.

During these meetings the group will discuss successes, challenges and opportunities, student feedback, and updates to our menus and menu planning process.


Max Henderson - Student Representative, Elementary 

Matt Larson - Parent Representative 

Yesenia Felix - Parent Representative

Stormy Martinez - Parent Representative

Andres Gonzalez - Parent Representative

Jackie Hoeffler, RN, BSN - Staff Health Representative

Kevin Shipman - Staff Representative

Ally Steiner - Associate Director of Food and Nutrition Services 

Jason Morrow - Associate Director of Food and Nutrition Services 

Maria Corella - Associate Director of Food and Nutrition Services Jason Morrow - Associate Director of Food and Nutrition Services Brian Sims - District Chef  

Paul Stanley - Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Committee facilitator​

Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Menu Advisory Board Meeting 3_10_20 [PDF]

Menu Advisory Board Meeting 5_20_19 [PDF]    

Next Meeting - August 2022

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee will assess the school health environment, programs and policies in place and identify ways to strengthen these to improve the health of students and staff. The Wellness Committee also provides advice and expertise to Administrators as well as provide feedback to the District regarding implementation of health-related wellness policies and programs and reports on the content and implementation to the public (including parents, students and the community members).   


Paul Stanley - Director of Nutrition Services

Committee Members

Ally Steiner - Associate Director of Nutrition Services

Steve Sullivan - Elementary Physical Education Representative

Rebecca Milobar - High School Physical Education Representative

Lisa Fowler - Parent Representative

Next Meeting  September 2022

Reference Material Local Wellness Policy

Interested in joining the Wellness Committee? Please call 623-876-7075