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The mission of the Dysart Unified School District's Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department is to create a framework to support all teachers in raising achievement. The Dysart Unified School District is implementing Arizona College and Career Ready Standards to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare our children for college and the workforce.


Dysart has a five-year curriculum cycle. The first step is to review and evaluate the current curriculum. If a new curriculum is needed, the adoption cycle occurs. That summer the curriculum is purchased and a pacing calendar is created. That year is the first of implementation. Following this, the revise and reimplementation phase occurs.

In addition to this, scope and sequence are reviewed yearly to make adjustments, and they are also altered as new legislation passes. Dysart ensures that all curriculum is aligned to state standards and current legislative mandates.


Examine curriculum being currently used. Is it effective? Have we seen student gains?

  • YES- No new curriculum needed
  • NO- form committee and start Request for Purchase (RFP) process


Assemble committee of teachers, parents and students if possible

  • Committee should be diverse (Title/Non-Title, Interventionists, ESS, Gifted, etc.)
  • Administer visioning survey



  • Book dates and space for meetings
  • Map out timeline (Starting with Board Meeting and working backwards, to include the 60 days on display.)
  • Plan press release for public notification
  • Send RFP to vendors


Work with Committee

  • Meeting 1: Purpose, vision, research
  • Meeting 2: Revise rubric using group input ; Create public review form
  • Meeting 3: Review any pilot data (if available), share curriculum resource findings, discuss programs that you have interests in learning more about.