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Students singing in choir.

Vocal Music

Choral music education provides students the opportunity to not only gain musical skills but also a life-long appreciation for music.   Students develop individual skills and strategies that will help them be successful in all academic areas throughout their lives. In Dysart, the vocal curriculum is designed to teach students the fundamentals of singing, reading music, breath support, diction, vowel formation, ear-training, and afford students many performance opportunities.   Our programs allow for student growth as advanced performance groups offer an environment in which ear-training, music theory, and vocal technique are challenged. 

Vocal Music Courses Offered in High School

Student singing in choir.
Choir singing.
Students singing in choir.

Show Choir

Offered:  9-12th Grade


Students will work to create vocal performances that include a large element of dance and showmanship. Show Choir has a strong focus on acapella-style literature. Students will also learn technical dance forms and choreography. 

*Leveled Ensembles: Show Choir, JV Show Choir, Varsity Show Choir

Vocal Music Courses offered in K-8 and Middle School 

Students singing.
Student singing.
Students singing in choir.

Choir Offered: 

5-8th Grade** 

All Middle Schools 

Choir is designed to focus on singing as a group. Students will focus on learning different types of choral music, sight-reading, correct singing techniques, and performance etiquette. Students will be exposed to and perform all types of genres and styles of choral music.  

*Students in K-8 schools will have the opportunity to participate in a choir as either a before/after school club or as an elective option.  

 ** Choir is offered at most schools as a club outside of the school day, grade levels and clubs vary at each school.  Please contact your home school for further details.    

General Music 

Offered in Kindergarten -8th 

Grade  All K-4 and K-8 Schools  

Our general music curriculum is designed to develop a greater understanding and love of music through singing, reading, playing instruments, moving, listening, analyzing, and composing, helping to support the academic success and development of the whole child.