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Dysart Software Applications

Dysart Unified School District values the security of our data. Safety and security is our top priority, and we believe that maintaining strong privacy and security protections for our district is critical in our highly-connected world.  Staff and students annually review the agreement linked below and agree to abide by all district policies.

Google Apps for Education
We are proud to be a Google Apps for Education district. This resources allows students the opportunity for online collaboration, as well as access to their documents from anywhere they have internet access. We understand that you may have questions regarding data privacy and encourage you to visit our Google Apps for Education FAQ site more information.

Digital Resources
In Dysart we strive to be transparent in how we collect and use data. In the section below you will see a list of software applications that have been evaluated and approved for use in our district.

Acadience Learning Online

ACT Explore


Happy Numbers

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt