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Kindergarten students reading books

Override Information

An override is voter authorization to exceed the school districts Revenue Control Limit.  Any increase is funded by the local taxpayers and therefore it requires voter approval.  There are two types of overrides.

  • A maintenance and operations override (M&O) supports things such as teacher salaries, benefits, supplies and general operations. 
  • A capital override funds equipment, furniture, technology, vehicles, etc.

School districts may ask for an increase of up to 15% of their budget for their M&O override and up to 10% for a capital override.  Overrides are approved for a term of 7 years. Many school districts will ask voters to approve a renewal in year 4 or 5 of an override to maintain a consistent level of funding. If not renewed, the amount decreases by one third in the 6th year and two thirds in the 7th year.

timeline of how an override phases out over 7 years with 66% funding in year 6 and 33% funding in year 7

Each year, districts are required to hold a public meeting to present how override funds are spent.

Dysart Override Timeline

The current Dysart override has been in place since 2000.  It was re-approved in 2005 and 2010.  Voters rejected the continuation in 2014 and funding was cut by one third for the 2015-2016 school year.  Voters then approved the continuation in November 2015 and funding was restored for the 2016-2017 school year.   Voters rejected the continuation in 2019 but approved the override in 2020.  The vote extends Dysart’s override funding through the 2025-2026 school year. If not continued again, funding would begin phasing out by one-third each year, starting in the 2026-2027 school year.  

Graphic representing approved and failed overrides

classroom full of empty desks

$10.17 million

Allows us to retain 130 of our teachers that help us maintain current class sizes at a cost of $10.17 million.

Teacher standing in classroom

$2.57 million

Keeps our teacher salaries competitive so that we can attract and retain highly-qualified staff. The override covers 2.5% of teacher salaries at a cost of $2.57 million.

Softball players cleats touching base

$8.80 million

Keeps our extra math and reading supports in place, including funding for our Math and Reading Interventionists and Teaching and Learning Specialists, and maintains arts, PE and athletics programs by funding salaries and stipends in these areas. The cost for funding these items is $8.80 million.

reading materials in a classroom

$2.36 million

Provides funding ($2.36 million) for 30 Kindergarten teachers so Dysart can continue to offer all-day Kindergarten.