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Preschool graduates

About Our Program

Our Vision

At Growing Minds Preschool, students will be encouraged to learn through play. Our passion is to fuel all young and growing minds, while developing a love for learning that breeds creativity and critical thinking. 

Our core value is to cultivate learning by supporting the "Learn through Play" mantra. Fostering positive interactions in early education with classmates, teachers, and families, will allow young minds to develop report and longevity in educational relationships, thus providing an outstanding experience to all families in the Dysart District and beyond. Learn through play is a core value that supports cognitive skills, physical growth, new vocabulary, social skills, and literacy skills. The value of play is often underestimated, but is an inclusive driver to learning that is fun and motivating for all.

"Learn Through Play" 

"Play" there is a simplicity in the term, but what it offers is a complex learning structure for young children.

Play is the context for all child development, and in that context, the construct of real life application through play creates an ideal environment for early childhood development. The benefits of learning through play include: 

● Motor skill development and cognitive development is stimulated while at play

● Play inside, but remember, outdoor experiences lend itself to the most memorable childhood experiences 

● Play and learning are linked, they are all part of the same recipe, without one of these ingredients, the end product is incomplete 

● Play promotes health and wellness, and a healthier child will grow stronger, physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. The ultimate stress reducer is play, it is joyful, and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress.

Learning Program

 Through the application of Creative Curriculum all children are provided with developmentally appropriate academics in reading, writing, academic vocabulary, oral language development, math, science and social studies. The concepts and themes are presented through art, music, movement, finger plays, stories, writing, poetry, science, math, games, inside and outside play and gardening. All Growing Minds Preschool skills are aligned with the Arizona Early Childhood Education standards: 

● Movement and coordination 

● Autonomy 

● Social skills 

● Work habits 

● Language and literacy 

● Mathematical reasoning and number sense 

● Orientation in time and space 

● Scientific reasoning and the physical world 

● Music 

● Visual art 

For more details check out our GMP Parent Handbook for 23-24 School Year.