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Two students from Sonoran Heights Middle School work on a math problem together at the Dysart Math Challenge.

Students participate in District Math Challenge

Students in 3rd through 8th grade from across the Dysart Unified School District participated in the annual Math Challenge on April 29th at Dysart High School.  All 20 of the district’s elementary and middle schools are invited to participate and each school can enter up to three teams of six students.

There were three rounds in the Math Challenge.  The first round was a speed round containing 30 problems that students must collaborate and solve in a 10 minute timeframe.  The second and third rounds had six questions each that are focused more on problem solving and get more intense as they progress.  The second and third rounds had a time limit of 20 minutes each.  

The purpose of the event was to entice, engage, and challenge students to solve math problems while along the way strengthening their math fundamentals.  Collaboration was also a strong focus of the event as teams must work together and strategize to complete the problems to the best of their ability within the time allowed.  Congratulations to all the students that participated!  The results are as follows:

3rd and 4th Grades 

First Place: El Mirage Team 2 

Second Place: Canyon Ridge Team 2  

Third Place: Marley Park Team 1

5th and 6th Grades 

First Place: Canyon Ridge Team 1 

Second Place: Freedom Traditional Team 2 

Third Place: Sonoran Heights Middle School Team 1

7th and 8th Grades 

First Place: Sunset Hills Team 1 

Second Place: Sunset Hills Team 2 

Third Place: Sonoran Heights Middle School Team 1


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