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Students working together


If your child is enrolled in Dysart or transfering from another district: 

If your student is having difficulty or you have concerns about your student’s cognition, communication, fine or gross motor skills, hearing, vision, academic or social/behavioral performance, you should contact your student’s teacher and/or site administration so that a plan can be discussed to address your specific concerns about your child.

Not all students who are experiencing a difficulty or area of concern have a disability. For some students, they may have a gap in skills or learn at a different rate. If a disability is not necessarily suspected but there are concerns, it may be determined that the most appropriate way to begin exploring the concerns is through an intervention process. Dysart Schools utilize an MTSS (Multi Tiered System of Support) or RTI (Response to Intervention) model. This is a comprehensive framework for all students that addresses academic, social and behavioral development from early childhood to graduation.  It is a universal approach that provides differentiated learning opportunities to targeted specific areas in which a student may need intervention. MTSS/RTI includes an ongoing process of providing the interventions, collecting data, and monitoring the effectiveness of the academic and behavioral intervention provided in order to maximize learning for all students. 

If you have any questions about this process or concerns about your child, contact your school.

If your child is Homeschooled, please contact your boundaried school