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Sundown wall wrap

Meet the Principal

Bobbie Lockhart

Dear Sundown Mountain Parents, Students and Stakeholders:  

Greetings and welcome to school year 2023-24. I hope that this finds you and your family well!  

Sundown Mountain is currently home to 180 students in grades 11 and 12. We proudly host students from all four of our high schools.   

It is the expectation that all Sundown Mountain students maintain good standing at all times. To maintain good standing, students must have C’s or better in all four classes and have no attendance issues. ARS 18-901 requires that students have no more than 18 total absences per school year. The last three years, due to COVID-19, we offered flexibility regarding attendance. This year, with COVID no longer as serious of a concern, we have reiterated that attendance is expected and necessary. When you miss school, you miss out!  

Your child/Our student received a complimentary Sundown Mountain t-shirt and water bottle. It is our way of celebrating our students! If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


Bobbie Lockhart