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Picture of Dysart District Office

Cabinet Organization

Dr. Jim Dean

Dr. Jim Dean

Acting Superintendent

Job Responsibilities:

The Superintendent is the District's chief executive officer and the administrative head of all divisions and departments of the district.  The Superintendent ensures the policies of the Board are administered and provides leadership for the district.  The Superintendent is the professional consultant to the Board and, in this capacity, makes recommendations to the Board for changes in Board policies and the educational programs of the district. 

Dr. John Croteau

Dr. John Croteau

Assistant Superintendent for Support Services

Job Responsibilities:

Arts Activities

Athletics - High School

Athletics - Middle Level  

Broadcast Services 

Career & Technical Education 

Communications & Public Relations

Community Education

     Vista, Center for the Arts

     Growing Minds Preschool

     Dens Club

     Facilities Rental

     Enrichment Programs

Student Services / Safety & Security

Principal Supervision & Evaluation

Ken Hicks

Ken Hicks

Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Job Responsibilities:

District Records




     Payroll & Benefits


Food Services

Maintenance & Facilities

Planning & Student Information Systems

Risk Management


Dr. Shelley Isai

Dr. Shelley Isai

Interim Assistant Superintendent for Education Services

Job Responsibilities:

Arts Instruction

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment  (K-8)  (High School) 

Exceptional Student Services

Federal Projects

Principal Supervision & Evaluation

Professional Development, Certified

Dr. Steve Poling

Dr. Steve Poling

Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations

Job Responsibilities:

Human Relations

District Policy & Procedures

Information Technology

Professional Development, Admin & Classified Staff