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Here at Cimarron Springs Middle School, we encourage students to be active participants in the arts. We offer a variety of musical ensembles, music classes, and art classes for students to explore and grow their artistic talents. Our mission is to create a musical and artistic environment that promotes individual discipline, teamwork, and work ethic through developing musicianship and artistic craftsmanship. In our program, we strive to create a positive music and art learning experience for everyone.


student painting on canvas


The Cimarron Springs Middle School Art program is important to the overall development of our students. We offer 3D/ Mixed Media classes. Intro to Art classes and an Advance art course. Our 6th graders will have the opportunity to explore all elective areas to receive an overall understanding of what electives they may be interested in for future selections. In addition, there are many opportunities for students to take advantage of throughout the year that will allow them to compete and or showcase their artwork.

picture of horn instruments on table


The Cimarron Springs Middle School Stallion Band is an integral part of our culture here at CSMS. We offer a variety of band ensembles that students can participate in, from 6th Grade Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band and Drumline. Students are actively encouraged to explore their love and dedication to music through performances both at school and in the community at large.

choir students in background of piano


The Cimarron Springs Middle School Choir program offers singing ensembles for 6th Grade, and our Advanced 7th/8th Choir. Students will have many opportunities to perform including choir concerts, sporting events, collaborations and workshops with the Willow Canyon High School Choir Program, and various events outside of school. Piano and Ukulele classes are offered at Cimarron Springs Middle School. These classes focus on students reading music, understanding basic music theory, understanding the instrument, how to play the instrument, and for ukulele, how to play in an ensemble setting.