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At Countryside, we strive to offer varied opportunities for our young students in athletics.

We provide positive feedback that will guide our students toward realizing their full potential. Win or lose, our students should learn lessons of a lasting and positive nature. As well, we believe it is our purpose to prepare the elementary school students of Countryside for participation in middle school athletics through teaching them the core fundamental skills and attitudes needed for future participation in athletics at the middle school level


Sports Club

Countryside Sports Club is offered to students in grades 3 and 4 as an after school activity. Students learn the fundamentals of Basketball, Volleyball and overall physical fitness.

Jump Rope for the Heart

In conjunction with the American Heart Association, students in Kindergarten through Fourth grade participate in jump rope activities during the month of February during their Physical Education class. Countryside also participates in the AHA fundraiser and engages in nutrition and healthy lifestyle lessons throughout the Spring semester.

students working with robotics in a STEM classroom
Physical Education

Students will develop skills, knowledge, and dispositions to lead physically active lives. Physical Education class will include age and physically-appropriate activities centered around fitness activities, sports, health science, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students will utilize various locomotor and non-locomotor skills to build coordination and balance. Students will learn skills related to lifetime activities including how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, movement and how it impacts the human body, the rules, tactics, strategies, and etiquette of games and sports.