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Freedom Traditional Academy accelerates a grade level in Math and offers acceleration opportunities in English Language Arts (ELA). Sequential curriculum is used in Math and ELA where all material builds upon previous skills and concepts.

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pencil with math equations


Since Freedom Traditional Academy accelerates in math, all students will be taught one grade level ahead using Saxon Math. Saxon Math scaffolds instruction of each concept and continues to review information introduced earlier. This allows students the time and practice to retain math concepts to the level of mastery. The use of calculators to complete class work or homework shall occur only when directed by the teacher.

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Language Arts

Freedom’s language arts program is based on the Spalding Method using The Writing Road to Reading. As a total language arts program, Spalding integrates direct instruction in listening, speaking, spelling, writing, and reading. The Spalding mission is to develop skilled readers, critical listeners, and accomplished speakers, writers, spellers, and lifelong learners. Intor Reading, Open Court and Pearson are the foundation texts for the reading program.

science molecules


Freedom Traditional Academy will utilize the Discovery Education Science program adopted and approved by the Dysart Unified School District.

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Social Studies

Freedom Traditional Academy will utilize social studies materials adopted and approved by the Dysart Unified School District. The history/government program will consist of world history, U.S. history, Arizona history, and geography. Citizenship and patriotism will be emphasized in the study of history, geography, and government.


Kinder through 4th grade

Spanish, Music and Physical Education are taught by certified teachers and are required for all K-4 students. Students will receive 40 minutes daily instruction in each area, twice every six days. Library is also available for student use and will be incorporated into instruction by the classroom teacher. Art will be infused into Social Studies and ELA lessons and aligned with state standards.

5th through 8th grade

Spanish, Music/Art, Orchestra, Band, and Physical Education will be offered for 5-8 students. Spanish will be required and offered 2 to 3 times a week. 7th and 8th grade students will be given the opportunity to take a competency test at the end of their 7th and 8th grade years to obtain high school credit in Spanish. Band will be optional. Orchestra, Music/Art, and Physical Education will be elective options.

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Physical Education

Students will develop skills, knowledge, and dispositions to lead physically active lives. Physical Education class will include age and physically-appropriate activities centered around fitness activities, sports, health science, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students will utilize various locomotor and non-locomotor skills to build coordination and balance. Students will learn skills related to lifetime activities including how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, movement and how it impacts the human body, the rules, tactics, strategies, and etiquette of games and sports.