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At Western Peaks, we strive to offer multiple, varied opportunities for our young students in athletics.

We provide positive feedback that will guide our students toward realizing their full potential. Win or lose, our students should learn lessons of a lasting and positive nature. As well, we believe it is our purpose to prepare the elementary school students of Western Peaks for participation in middle school athletics through teaching them the core fundamental skills and attitudes needed for future participation in athletics at the middle school level.


Cross Country

Western Peaks participates in Dysart’s Cross Country athletic season. Students in 3rd and 4th grades are eligible to participate on the Cross Country team. Team members will attend practices 3-4 days per week before school to train and build their endurance in running distances. Team members will also participate in district Cross Country meets, which occur on Saturdays. The Cross Country season is held during October - November of the school year.

Kids on the Run Club

Ready to get your little one running? Then Kids on the Run Club is for them! This is a non-competitive club that helps students work up to running 30 minutes each session. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle! Kids on the Run will be every Thursday from 8:00-8:30, due to weather we will hold the club October to November and then start back up February-March. Kids on the Run is offered to Kindergarten-2nd grade.


Basketball Club

Would you like to learn how to play basketball? Then the “Basketball Club” is for you! We will teach you fundamental skills such as dribbling, ball control, passing, proper defensive and offensive stance, proper shooting form, and game positions. Students will be taught the most basic rules of the game (such as no touching when guarding an opponent, and no double dribbling or traveling). Good sportsmanship and working cooperatively with a team will be taught as well. This club is open for 2nd through 3rd grades.


Volleyball Club

Volleyball Club will be a club for 3rd-4th graders to teach the fundamentals of volleyball! There will be a focus on passing, setting and serving. This will be a wonderful way to introduce the sport and start a strong foundation in fundamental skills for students. This club will be held the second semester of the school year, January-April. Volleyball club will meet every other Friday, starting January 6th. The club will meet from 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.