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Canyon Ridge provides a diverse arts experience for students. Students across all grades have the opportunity to grow in their skills in art and music with the help and guidance of teachers who are highly proficient in these content areas. In Canyon Ridge’s art program, students are encouraged to dive into their creativity to build art in various mediums and to incorporate their personal interests into projects they can be proud of. This includes elective courses in architecture, 3D arts, and fiber arts among others. In music, students experience music and movement, project based learning, and are encouraged to strive to become music students of excellence through choral and band ensemble participation. Music electives include digital soundtrack design, Musical Theater, Band, Choir, STEM instrument design, and many more. Every student can use their creativity to be the best artist they can be.


sheet music with students singing in background

Music Program

Greetings! My name is Mr. Hammersmith and I’m the Music & Choir Teacher at Canyon Ridge School! Music is an important part of my life and I enjoy educating others to find their love for music. It’s a critical part of our education and creates a well-rounded student enhancing their creativity and expression. I grew up and received my education in Colorado. I received my Bachelor of Arts at Colorado State University in Music Education and my Master of Arts Degree at Adams State University in Music Education. I perform as a vocalist and instrumentalist on a variety of instruments. In my spare time, I compose and arrange music. I’m also a private studio instructor educating students on all Woodwind & Brass Instruments, Piano, and Vocal. When I’m not teaching or playing music, I spend time with my family, cook, travel, tour, and volunteer. My goals as an educator is to provide a safe and structured learning environment that provides numerous opportunities for performances, growth, and development in the music field.

hand painting on canvas

Art Program

Hello! My name is Mrs. Freeman, and this will be my first year teaching art at Canyon Ridge School. While I have 22 years of experience teaching 2nd-5th grade, I am so excited to take on a new endeavor of teaching art to our kindergarten through 8th grade scholars! As a proud Colorado native, I earned both my undergraduate degree and Master’s of Arts in curriculum and instruction from Adams State in Alamosa, Colorado. My husband and I have an 11-year-old son who attends Canyon Ridge, and also have an energetic three-year-old shepherd/lab mix named Kylo. We enjoy camping, traveling, watching sports, and renovating houses together. I also enjoy my creations from Board and Brush and painting ceramics with friends and family. Because we are a STEM school, I am excited to embed art into STEM while teaching choice-based art education (aka TAB). My goal is for scholars to learn these three things: What do artists do? The child is the artist. The art room is the child’s art studio.

horn instruments on table

Band Program

I'm Dr. Alex Manners, the band director at Canyon Ridge and Asante. I'm originally from the Kansas City area, and I used to teach elementary and high school band for six years in Missouri. This is my seventh year in the Dysart school district. After I taught in Missouri but before Dysart, I earned a doctorate in music on the French horn. On the French horn, I play in several groups around the Valley: Symphony of the Southwest, the West Valley Symphony, and the Phoenix Brass Collective, as well as occasionally filling in with groups like The Phoenix Symphony. In my spare time, I'm a diehard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, Missouri Tigers, and Sporting Kansas City, and I enjoy running as a hobby. I enjoy spending time with my wife Daniela and our Great Pyrenees mix dog, Sydney.