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Rancho Gabriela Elementary School is proud to offer Special Area Classes in Art for all Kindergarten - 4th Grade students. Students attend Art class with their homeroom classes throughout the year, and we’re committed to expanding our Art program to include opportunities outside of school.


Student in art class drawing

Visual Arts

The visual arts provide a unique and necessary understanding of human expression, assists in the development of creativity, builds problem-solving skills, and provides opportunity for verbal and nonverbal communication. The visual arts offer another form of self-expression to students. Our curriculum is designed to build on knowledge, aesthetic awareness, art appreciation and age appropriate skills. Our programs introduce and reinforce art concepts, skills, techniques, media, technology and processes. Students are given a multitude of opportunities for creative expression within a structured framework.

Students playing flute

General Music

Music education provides an opportunity for artistic expression that a student could not experience on his/her own. Music stimulates the creative, curious and imaginative mind- the mental building blocks for critical thinking and self-motivation. Our goal is to provide students with the skills they need to enjoy music for a lifetime. Our general music curriculum is designed to develop a greater understanding and love of music through singing, reading, playing instruments, moving, listening, analyzing and composing, helping to support the academic success and development of the whole child.