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At Shadow Ridge High School the visual and performing arts play a central role. The arts give students the opportunity to nurture their creative sides, develop workplace skills, and utilize opportunities like the AZ State Seal of Arts Proficiency program in order to further their artistic talents. Students also have the opportunity to compete locally and across the country in many of our performing arts programs.


student drawing image of a dog

2-D Visual Arts

Students explore drawing, painting and mixed-media techniques. Students will focus on technical skills, critical thinking and problem solving within their art, as well as developing their own style.

Student's painting clay sculpture

3-D Visual Arts

Students will learn functional and sculptural forms using hand building methods. Wheel throwing and mold making will be introduced. A variety of clay bodies, glazes, decorative techniques and firing methods will be used.

student playing tenor drums in marching band

Instrumental Arts

Students will study, rehearse, and perform various styles of music. Students will learn ear training, tone production, intonation and instrument techniques through various genres. Marching Band and Color Guard are additional ensembles.

Students performing at an event

Choir Program

Students focus on the artistic process of creating music within a variety of ensembles, and build on vocal techniques and study various choral literature. Show choir will integrate elements of dance.

students acting at a school play

Theatre Program

Students focus on professional skills including performance, movement, critical analysis, dance, and dialects. Stagecraft Design and Production is available for students interested in working behind the scenes.

students practicing in dance class

Dance Program

Students will learn forms of dance and physical conditioning. Students will develop and explore movement quality, performance skills, and concepts of choreography.


40 students earned AZ State Seal of Arts Proficiency
10 Superior ratings, 26 Excellent ratings, AZ Music Educators Association Solo/Ensemble Festival
Superior Rating at NAU Jazz Madrigal Festival for Constellation
Excellent Rating at NAU Jazz Madrigal Festival for Stellar FX Choir
1st Place for Stellar FX Choir at Oceanside Sound Off Choir Competition
Best Music and Best Show for Stellar FX Choir at Oceanside Sound Off Choir Competition
Gold Honor Troupe, AZ Thespian Conference - Theatre