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FTA Students holding postcards

Freedom Postal Service

The Freedom Postal Service (FPS) is up and running and our FIREBIRDS would love to receive mail from you!! Check out the information below to find out how to address your mail so that it reaches the right FIREBIRD! 

Postal Service Info for Parents: 

The Freedom Postal Service is a simulated in-school postal system created to run like the United States Postal Service. Families can write to their children or staff at any time throughout the school year by simply using the Freedom Postal Service. This provides a fun way for you to wish your child a happy birthday, send a good luck note, or even to just say hello. All letters, notes, and cards sent through our school post office must have a: delivery address , return address, and a stamp. Stamps can be made out of stickers or any other stamp-like items. You can even hand draw a stamp.

Freedom, AZ Directory:  

Freedom, Arizona 73223 

Office : 1 East Firebird Drive 

  • Wolford (Principal) 
  • Henley (Admin III) 
  • Stanley (Attendance/Data) 
  • Layla Henley (Ms. Layla) (Aide) 
  • Traci Henderson (Ms. Traci) (Aide) 
  • Tiffany Relyea (Ms. Tiffany) (Aide) 
  • Lowry, Roth (Crossing Guards) 
  • Gonzales (Ms. Beth) (Nurse) Freedom PTA


  • Biswell (Resource K-8) 131 S. Constitution Court 
  • Reid (Resource Para) 131 S. Constitution Court
  • Ms. Devon (Resource Para) 131 S. Constitution Court 
  • Ms. Justyna (SST) 234 N. Bill of Rights Blvd. 


  • Barany (Speech) 132 N. Constitution Court 
  • Bartram (Psychologist) 115 W. Freedom Avenue 
  • Brink (TLS) 130 S. Constitution Court 
  • Maves (K-3 Reading) 117 W. Freedom Avenue
  • Ms. Mary (Social Worker) 148 W. Bald Eagle Blvd.

Cafeteria: 312 E. Amendment Avenue

  • Mullins (Ms. Liz) (Cafeteria Manager) 
  • Nunez (Mr. Manny) (Plant Manager) 


  • McCloud (Music) 307 N. Patriotic Parkway 
  • Swanson (Band) 305 N. Patriotic Parkway
  • Molett (PE) 306 S. Patriotic Parkway 
  • Fierro (Spanish) 146 E. Bald Eagle Blvd. 


  • Byer 119 W. Freedom Avenue 
  • Lee 123 W. Freedom Avenue 

1st Grade

  • Reilly 122 E. Freedom Avenue 
  • Serene 118 E. Freedom Avenue 

2nd Grade

  • Waldera 134 N. Constitution Court 
  • Woolridge 136 N. Constitution Court 

3rd Grade

  • Coelho 154 S. Bald Eagle Blvd. 
  • Marchant 152 S. Bald Eagle Blvd. 

4th Grade 

  • Karlovich 155 N. Bald Eagle Blvd. 
  • Suljic 153 N. Bald Eagle Blvd. 

5th Grade

  • Johnson 254 S. Liberty Lane 
  • Schuster 256 S. Liberty Lane 

6th Grade 

  • Chavez 255 N. Liberty Lane 
  • Flies 253 N. Liberty Lane 

7th/8th Grades

  • Kimmerle 230 N. Bill of Rights Blvd. 
  • Kemper 232 N. Bill of Rights Blvd. 
  • Mendez 231 S. Bill of Rights Blvd. 
  • Jones 233 S. Bill of Rights Blvd.