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School Leadership

Jill Hoppe

Jill Hoppe


Andrew Griesel

Andrew Griesel

Assistant Principal

Welcome to Canyon Ridge School, an A+ School of Excellence and a Congia STEM Accredited School in the Dysart Unified School District. Our vision is inspiring the innovators of tomorrow. Through a dedicated and collaborative work environment, our teachers use a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) philosophy to develop relevant and engaging learning experiences for students. 

This upcoming school year will be the seventh school year for Principal Jill Hoppe. Mrs. Hoppe hails from Chicago, Illinois; however, she has been living in Arizona since 2008. She holds two Master's Degrees - one in Administrative Leadership from Grand Canyon University and the other in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the University of Illinois. Her Undergraduate Degree is in Elementary Teaching with a minor in Sociology also from the University of Illinois.  Mrs. Hoppe brings over 25 years of experience to Canyon Ridge along with her “YES!” philosophy. 

Mr. Andrew Griesel returns to Canyon Ridge for his 9th year as the Assistant Principal.  This year will be his 20th year in education. He holds two Masters Degrees - a Masters of the Art of Teaching, from Pacific University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University. Mr. Griesel is originally from Eugene, Oregon.  His educational philosophy is that "we can always be better tomorrow than we were today".

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year the school has identified the following goals to focus the work of the school. Throughout the school year, we will post updates aligned to the work and data collected for each of the goals. 

Impact Goals

  • By May 2024, a minimum of 66% of students in grades 3-8 will achieve a proficient/highly proficient level in ELA, Math, and Science as measured by AASA and AzSci State Assessments. 
  • By May 2024, reduce the overall percentage of minimally proficient students in 3-8 to less than 10% in ELA and 15% in Math as measured by AASA.  
  • By May 2024, a minimum of 82% of students in grades K-3 will read at or above benchmark as measured by DIBELS EOY composite scores.  
  • By May 2024, reduce the overall percentage of below and well below benchmark K-3 students to less than 18% as measured by DIBELS EOY composite scores.  

Process Goals

  • By May, 2024, 100% of K-8 Canyon Ridge students, through data responsive instruction aligned to the CRS instruction protocol, will demonstrate mastery of grade level priority standards  as evidenced by identified key measures at every grade level (which may include: DIBELS, DRA, 95%, priority standards assessment tracking, HMH/IM/unit tests, and district benchmarks). 
  • By May 2024, 100% of grade levels will meet student needs through a focused intervention process as evidenced by walk though data and standards based assessment data.
  • By May 2024, 100% of teachers will follow Academic Conversation structures and routines as evidenced by students engaging in level 3 conversations aligned to DOK 2 and higher questions.
  • By May 2024, 100% of teachers will post learning objectives at a DOK 2 or higher along with success criteria that define learning targets for all lessons. 
  • By May 2024, 100% of teachers will embed checks for understanding within each lesson to assess student mastery. 
  • By May 2024, all students will be regularly attending school as evidenced by reducing the amount of chronic absences, defined as 18 days or more, by less than 8% of the student population.