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At Sonoran Heights Middle School, we value excelling in the arts on our campus. We have arts programs that focus on instruments, vocals, and artwork. Students participate in concerts, festivals, and competitions; on and off campus. We understand the importance of developing skills in the arts that will carry on from high school and beyond.


student painting on canvas


Students will explore the artistic processes by creating, presenting, responding, and connecting through visual arts. This will include instruction in painting, drawing, ceramics, and various media. Students will develop new skills through engaging, hands-on experiences in the arts. Students will have the opportunity to learn about various artists, genres, and mediums. All materials will be supplied.

picture of horn instruments on table


Band is designed for students who are interested in playing an instrument. The primary focus for this class is on instrumental skill development and music reading. Prior music reading is not required for participation in this class. The goal of this class is to develop the student so they can enter into the intermediate band the following year. Students are responsible for securing an instrument to use. The school does have opportunities for rental instruments but is based on availability.

Students learning choir


This course is designed to focus on singing as a group. Students will focus on learning different types of choral music, sight-reading, correct singing techniques, and performance etiquette. Students will be exposed to and perform all types of genres and styles of choral music. Choir is a performing ensemble and will participate in concerts, school events, and festivals.

Students participating in drama


Students will learn theatrical staging, acting, directing, and design basics. Students do not need to have any theater experience prior to being a part of the club. Theater is a performing ensemble and will participate in concerts, school events, and festivals.