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Student holding camera in a film and television studio.

Film & TV Production

The Film and TV Broadcasting program prepares students to work in a variety of positions within the broadcast news, film and television industries. Students will use industry-standard principles, tools, and techniques to communicate information, ideas, moods, and feelings to business and consumer audiences through the production of high-quality digital films and videos. The Film and TV Production program includes instruction in the operation and maintenance of specialized camera, lighting, and audio equipment; scenic composition, special effects, motion graphics, and the use of industry-standard hardware and computer applications to capture, enhance, manipulate, and edit visual and audio artifacts into a cohesive finished product.

Program Standards

Student adjusting teleprompter

Program Details 

  • TV Broadcast Production 1-2 (Year 1)   
  • TV/Broadcast Production 3-4 Honors (Year 2)  
  • TV/Broadcast Production 5-6 Honors  (Year 3) 
  • TV/Broadcasting Internship (Year 4)

  •  Adobe Certified Professional

Students anchoring in broadcast


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Students working in control booth for tv broadcast

Careers in Film & TV

  • $50,000 Average Annual Wage
  • TV News Reporter
  • Camera Operator
  • Video Editor
  • Sports Broadcaster

The Film & TV  program is available at:

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