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Vehicle in the automotive lab

Automotive Technology

Are you the gearhead who fixes their own car?  Are you interested in the mechanics and technology of cars today?  The Automotive Technology program may be the right opportunity for you, as it provides real-world training for those with a passion for getting hands-on with innovation and problem solving.  This four-year program prepares students for careers as technicians in many of the automotive fields.  Students will learn how to perform standard inspections, maintain and repair the HVAC, as well as training on automatic and manual transmissions, engine work, electrical systems, steering, and suspension.   

The occupational standards learned in this program are aligned with National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) standards, which make the transition to the workplace seamless. Students can walk away with a industry-standard certificate in Auto Maintenance and Light Repair, launching a career at a shop or dealership.

Program Standards

Student adjusting tiew

Program Details 

  • Automotive Technology 1-2 (Year 1)
  • Automotive Technology 3-4 (Year 2)  
  • Automotive Technology 5-6 Honors  (Year 3) 
  • Automotive Technology 7-8 Honors and/or Internship (Year 4)

  •  ASE Student Certifications

Student completing computer diagnostic


SkillsUSA provides educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education to ensure America has a skilled workforce. 

Students welding a automotive steel frame

Careers in Automotive Technology

  • $44,050 Average Annual Wage

  • Automotive Maintenance Tech
  • Automotive Repair Tech
  • Specialty Auto Tech
  • Motorcycle or ATV Maintenance Tech
  • Motorcycle or ATV Repair Tech
  • Diesel Maintenance Tech
  • Diesel Repair Tech
  • Service Manager
  • Parts and Inventory Manager
  • Automotive Workshop Supervisor/Manager
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Automotive Designer
  • Transportation Equipment Buyer
  • Transportation inspector

The Automotive Technology program is available at:

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